Back on the Road Again Traffic School

Welcome to Back on the Road Again Traffic School

Back on the Road Again Traffic School is a DMV licensed traffic school operating in the State of California. Our staff and tech support are DMV licensed instructors with the State of California. We offer courses both online as well in a traditional classroom with live instructors. And Home Study materials sent to your home or business. We also have Tech Support 24/7.

Our Objective

Is to help you get Back on the Road Again and become aware of the rules and regulations that govern the road, and to minimize the likelihood you'll incur further traffic citations in the future. Our course is designed to help you ultimately become, a safer driver.

Our Goal

The goal of our online program is to reduce the student risk of being cited for future traffic violations, being involved in traffic collisions and to ingrain the importance of being responsible while operating a motor vehicle. Also to educate our students on licensing requirements.

At the end of each chapter, you will take a 10-question quiz that reviews important content from that chapter. You must pass each quiz to move onto the next chapter. You will be provided with feedback on any incorrect responses and have a chance to retake the quiz. The quizzes do not affect your final exam score.

We've gone mobile!

Mobile Our course is now available on most mobile devices. We now offer more freedom to access the best course California has to offer.

Secure registration

Secure We provide a secure and safe site for your course registration. It utilizes 100 bit encryption over a private connection.